Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Total Yoghurt

When it comes to breakfast I go through very pronounced (or should I say childish?) phases. I'll eat the exact same thing for weeks only to suddenly ditch what seemed to be habit from one day to another without the slightest warning. My latest breakfast interest are Total Yoghurts from a Greek company called Fage. The consistency of the yoghurt is firm, yet creamy, the taste is very mild, by far less acidic than most plain yoghurts but still refreshing. The yoghurts are available with a fat content of 10, 2 or 0 (that is zero) percent. I am delighted to say that even the fat free version tastes wonderful - and how often can you say that without lying? A number of recipes are availabe on the abovementioned website. It seems that the full-fat variety can even be heated. I haven't tried that yet - I'll keep you posted when I do. Ever since "discovering" Total, the thought of only one tub left in my fridge makes me slightly nervous. Weekend and no Total - unthinkable. It seems that this time, it's no quick fad.

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