Saturday, August 26, 2006


Korvapuustit is the finnish name for cardamon and cinnamon buns. I read about them in the latest cookbook I bought, Falling Cloudberries by Tessa Kiros (a pricey book, but worth every penny - by far the most beautiful cookbook I have). The recipe is also published here on Moira's really great foodblog "Who Wants Seconds". She suggests forming the buns and then letting them sit in the fridge overnight. I tried it and it worked perfectly. You could do this with any baked goods made with yeast, it's perfect if you fancy something fresh from the oven for breakfast that does not involve getting up at 5 a.m. On Saturday morning, I took my buns from the fridge, glazed them with a little lightly beaten egg, sprinkled them with sugar and popped them in the oven. They only take about twenty minutes to bake so we could have them still slightly warm with our morning coffee/tea - pure breakfast bliss.

The taste of the cardamom is faint, yet distinctive and nothing beats the combination of butter, cinnamon and sugar used in the filling. If you follow the instructions in the above-mentioned recipe, you get rather small, dainty buns, which I like. However, they dry out a little more quickly for it, so you have to eat them within a short time of making them. You'll manage, trust me.


mellie said...

They look so good! I love the way you rolled them up like a croissant. And I think the cardamom would make a wonderful addition. Will perhaps give them a try on the weekend!

Honeybee said...

Try them, you won't be disappointed! Look here for instructions on how to give them their shape.