Monday, February 19, 2007

Fennel carpaccio: update

I have made this before, there is no novelty value to this post as for ingredients, seasonings etc. but - I got myself a ceramic vegetable slicer, or, as the French call it, une mandoline and just like this, my fennel carpaccio has moved to another level. Clotilde from Chocolate&Zucchini once raved about her mandoline but I never realised just how much I needed this little tool until I ate beetroot carpaccio a few weeks ago at a dinner party and the cook revealed her secret to me. I was amazed how thinly and evenly the beets had been sliced, I had never managed that with my metal slicer as the beets kept getting stuck. With my new mandoline, making carpaccio-worthy slices is a child's play - not literally speaking of course, as the blade is very, very sharp indeed - you move whatever you're slicing back and forth over it a few times and you're presented with the most perfect shavings. It's fun. I browsed the market today for more vegetables suitable for slicing.

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wheresmymind said...

Just watch your fingers!