Friday, May 11, 2007

Donna Hay's porridge with frozen berries

Porridge - not the most original dish to write about, right? Or attractive and photogenic, for that matter. True, but I wrote this post anyway because I'm so impressed with Donna Hay, once again. I simply have to share my enthusiasm. In Food Fast she suggests adding frozen berries (I like raspberries best) to a bowl of steaming hot porridge. The berries thaw immediately and the porridge cools down to just the right temperature for you to tuck in. So simple really, but someone had to think of it, didn't they? I certainly never would have. I eat porridge almost every day during the cooler months of the year, usually the frozen berries-variety (adding a spoonfull of linseeds), and the berry-trick help me to stay within my morning "schedule". No more running for the train because the porridge was too hot to eat - thank you, Donna!

Check out her book for a pretty picture of porridge (yes, it's possible).

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