Monday, September 24, 2007

Stuffed portobello mushrooms

I used to love to read Bread and Butter, written by Stevi, an Englishwoman living in Greece. Used to because the blog is discontinued - too bad. Stevi once featured a recipe for bulgur-stuffed portobello mushrooms, which I've been meaning to make for ages, only they were never any portobello mushrooms around! I finally spotted some a few weeks ago and immediately changed my dinner plans. The day of the stuffed portobello mushrooms had arrived at last. I roughly followed Stevi's recipe but added finely chopped carrots and tomatoes to the bulgur, as well as some crumbly goat cheese just before I slid the mushrooms into the oven. There's hardly any need for very precise measurements, two mushrooms per person and about 50g of bulgur wheat and then whatever takes your fancy. Serve with a mixed leaf green salad for a too-healthy-to-be-true and (yet) truly delicious lunch.

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