Sunday, September 30, 2007

Whirligig buns as seen on the Wednesday Chef

I'm very happy to follow a piece of advice shared by a fellow food blogger so when Nigella Lawson's whirligig buns were featured on Luisa's Wednesday Chef and she gave them a star rating, I made some the very next weekend. Now let me give you some advice: you should make them, too. There couldn't be a better way to start the weekend than with one of these soft, sweet buns filled with gooey chocolate and crunchy nuts and a cup of tea (Lady Gray is my preference) or milky coffee. The Boyfriend was extremely pleased with this unexpected treat and declared that chocolate simply had a way of making him feel so much better. What else could you want from breakfast?

You'll find the recipe here on the Wednesday Chef. I made my dough with fresh yeast, let it rise for about an hour, then formed the buns and let them rise in the fridge overnight. Ideally, let them rise and come to room temperature for another hour before baking. It's very tempting to eat these little beauties as soon as they're cool enough to handle but try to wait until they're cool, they'll be even nicer.


Bradley said...

Great name for a very cool looking bun. Foods like monkey bread and this are great for the eat with your hands crowd!

psboston7 said...

looks delicious and the story along with it makes it almost impossible NOT to want to rush home to create =)