Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Downward Dog

The Boyfriend and I have moved to Zurich. We're settling in nicely. I regularly go to the fancy airyoga to work on my asanas. One time, one of my fellow yoginis announced to the guy at the reception desk that she had changed her name and was now called Seela (to be honest, it may have been something else, but something with a similar yoga-ring to it, anyway). "Oh, good", said the guy at the reception, "I could never remember whether you were called Christine oder Christina". Funnily enough, none of the other people around appreciated the little episode as much as I did.

And yes, I still cook and eat. And I intend to write about it in the near future (ok, as soon as we manage to get internet access, which might take a while, I fear).


kristine said...

that is hilarious and I would have appreciated it just as much as you. I once overheard a similar conversation; "I am monbeam (or whatever) now; you know, I just never felt that Julia was my REAL name"

(no, you don't know me but I read your blog all the time and I love it)


Honeybee said...

I'm glad to hear that! I hope there will be new posts soon.