Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cauliflower gratin, take two

Sometimes, when I'm not sure what to cook, I browse Tastespotting for immediate inspiration (and recipe to go with it!). What strikes me every time is just how many people will put great efforts into making the most elaborate pastries, cakes and desserts. It puts a smile on my face because, surely, with so many people spending hours in the kitchen until they found the key to the perfect éclair, the world can't be bad place. What's my point, you ask? I don't have one, actually. Sorry.

I decided to give the cauliflower au gratin I made some time ago another try. And yes, I do realise I just abruptly changed topic. And that my picture sucks but it's wintertime, daylight is scarce and I don't have a clue about photography. But back to the cauliflower. I hadn't been convinced 100% the first time around, even though my judgement had been somewhat mellowed by the fact that the leftovers tasted so good. But then - why would anyone a make a cauliflower bake that only displayed its true glory after a night in the fridge?

Here's what I changed the second time round: two eggs instead of one, gruyère cheese added to the cottage cheese-egg mixture which I also blended to make it smoother. The result was a little thick so I thinned it out with a glug of milk (full fat, I lost that battle with the Husband long ago). All in all, this version is less diet-friendly than the first but so much better for it. But of course.

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