Friday, May 15, 2009

Salt-kissed buttermilk cake as seen on 101 cookbooks

Are there any foods that irresistibly draw you towards a dish on a restaurant menu or in a recipe? I for instance will order almost anything with tarragon. Or make any cake that features yoghurt or buttermilk. For rasperries I have such a deep-founded love, I can easily polish off a whole punnet on my own, anytime, anywhere. It's no suprise then, that the salt-kissed buttermilk cake with rasperries Heidi Swanson wrote about on 101 cookbooks last year ticked all the right boxes for me. I changed a few things, using only half wholewheat flour and half plain and a little more sugar than indicated. It's a delicious cake, not to sweet, which I love and perfect with for afternoon tea or coffee. Heidi recommends serving it with whipped cream, I wouldn't, though, I found it quite rich as it is, even if it's not high in fat.

Dos and dont's:

Don't: misread 1 teaspoon of salt for one tablespoon, think that Heidi Swanson must be mad to use this much salt, use a lot less and still too much.

Do: make this cake, eat it and love it.

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