Thursday, August 17, 2006

Beurre et pain font joli teint

Here's how I came to choose "beurre et pain" as a name for my blog. The above picture was an advertisement for butter in the fifties, claiming that "bread and butter boost your complexion". It was designed by Donald Brun, a Swiss artist from Basel who lived from 1909 to 1990. His posters advertising washing powder, toothpaste, Swissair (good ol' swissair) and Switzerland as a holiday destination are still widely sought collectors' items.

What I love about the bread-and-butter poster is the way it beautifully advertises two very basic products with a sense of humour. Even in 1953, when the advertisement first appeared and the memories of the second world war, when butter was not freely available, were still very fresh, no one would buy bread and butter for skincare, would they? But the poster was likely to make people smile (it does that to me now, more than fifty years later) and think of how good a slice of brown bread spread with fresh butter would taste right now... Anyway, I like bread and I like butter, plus, it's a cute little slogan - so there you go, my blog is called "Beurre et pain".

Of course, some people would never ever have butter on bread (fat and carbs - gasp) for health reasons. I think it's perfectly ok to eat butter when it's not overdone. Apart from that, I recommend Clarins Beauty Flash Balm to make you look radiant.

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Anonymous said...

That reminds me of "le kir fait rire" - however, in this case, the saying proves very true... Do you have any drink suggestions, honeybee?