Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hot and spicy

Rowena from Rubber Slippers in Italy has come up with a non-meme on spices. Being a spice-lover, I gladly participate.

1. Which is the most indispensable spice on your spice rack?
Dried oregano which I bought when on holiday on Karpathos, a beautiful island in the south of the Aegean Sea. This was quite a long time ago and even though I'm normally wary of dried herbs I have to say that my greek oregano is exceptional. It has kept its taste really nicely and just a little bit crumbled into a tomato sauce or a beef stew or over a slice of feta goes a long way. Which is why I still have some after all this time!

2. Which is the most used? This being determined by a near empty bottle compared compared to the others.
Black and white pepper. I use the latter to season fish or delicate creamy sauces in which I don't want little specks of black. Always freshly ground, bien sûr.

3. Which is the least used?
Strangely enough (considering my answer to question three) lemon pepper. I have a large jar and don't know how to use it. Suggestions?

4. Is there a spice or seasoning that you know of or just learned about and would like to add to your collection?
I have just made a long-waited addition recently! I had been looking for the Egyptian spice mix Dukkah everywhere and finally tracked it down in Stockmann, Helsinki.

5. Are there any health remedies you practice with the use of spices?
I rely on ginger brewed up as a tea to fight nausea.

Join in if you feel so inclined and don't forget to let Rowena know about your contribution.


wheresmymind said...

Lemon pepper goes great on fish or chicken!

rowena said...

Hi Honeybee,

Forgive me for not getting to your post sooner...I've been recovering from major jet lag the past 2 days!

I really appreciate your answers to this little quiz. LOVE oregano but didn't realize that there is a difference between oregano...being that of the greek type and the mexican type. Your idea to crumble it over a slice of feta...this I must try.

Also, interesting to learn about Dukkah. This sounds wonderful and I went to check out the recipe link that was listed on the page. I'm crazy for anything with pistachios!