Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Last year, I challenged myself to cook a new dish from one of my many cookbooks every week. I kept up reasonably well and enjoyed my challenge a lot. I discovered dishes I loved and tried dishes which were quickly attributed to the no-need-to-make-again catergory by the Boyfriend. (To my deception, he reckoned tonight's monk's beard frittata was part of this category too, calling it the "hay cake"). Not only do I have a tendency to purchase a lot of cookbooks - I dare not use the term "collect", did you notice - but I also like to keep recipe clippings from magazines, newspapers and sometimes the back of packages of foods (I found a memorable lentil salad recipe once so don't laugh). I'm still committed to make better use of my cookbooks and at the same time, I try to go through my folders with neatly arranged clippings (starters, vegetables, meat, fish and seafood, pasta, dessert) to see which ones were worth clipping.

Here are some of the recipes on the waitlist:

  • Easy courgette tart
  • Asparagus with mustard-dill sauce
  • Sea bass ceviche
  • Minced meat pie with apples and pine nuts
  • Cold indian chickpea soup
  • Mel i Mato (fresh goat cheese with walnuts and honey)
Just to name a few. This will keep me busy for a while. Seeing it's may already, I'm not making this a challenge. Not even I am that silly.

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Anonymous said...

my, I had noooooooooooo idea, that moving from one place to the other took three month!
the goatchees thing sounds very yammie and so does the minced meat pie...
Boyfriend is one lucky man...