Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dessert according to me

While many food blogs regularly feature the most elaborate desserts, I hardly ever write about them. It's not that I don't have a sweet tooth - I do - (even though given the choice between two entrées and a dessert I'll go for the entrées any time) it's just that - I can't be bothered to make them, really. While I'll happily stand in the kitchen all afternoon to make something as complicated as oeufs en gelée, my desserts are always non-fuss, requiring minimal effort and very often involve fruit. Overly sweet and heavy stuff is not my thing - something like tiramisu after a large dinner - no thank you. Vanilla-poached dried apricots from Marie Claire Zest are a staple or, right now, anything simple involving strawberries, such as the bowl of strawberries macerated in sugar and lemon juice topped with a dollop of mascarpone (you've been warned) that we had sitting on the balcony one of last week's exceptionnally mellow nights. Which explains for the very sombre picture in case you wondered.

Among many, I particularly admire the following blogs for absolutely breathtaking desserts:


Karin said...

Hello, I have recently discovered how easy it is to make a panna cotta. A dessert which requires no effort at all and can be made in whatever variety you may find.

jenjen said...

HI Honeybee, I feel so privileged that you would even mention my blog in the same post as Bea's blog but I must say I am flattered. Thanks.